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Virtual Event Video Production: 3 Secrets to Success

Virtual event video production has become increasingly popular over the past year. For event planners, corporate professionals, and business owners, it is important to understand how to utilize professional video production to enhance your overall event experience.

At Haute Media, we recently had the amazing opportunity to work with The Scottsdale Charros to produce the 2021 Scottsdale Charros Virtual Education Awards. The Scottsdale Charros are a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students, teachers and schools within the Scottsdale Unified School District. The Scottsdale Charros believe that “education is the cornerstone of any community and proudly celebrate Scottsdale’s best and brightest during the Scottsdale Charros Education Awards.

Every year, The Scottsdale Charros recognize one specially selected teacher from each SUSD school as Outstanding Educators of the Year. Additionally, an Outstanding Male and Outstanding Female Student of the Year are recognized from the Class of 2021 at each school, as well as SUSD School Nurses and High School Athletes of the Year.

It was an honor to work with The Scottsdale Charros to produce their first ever virtual event! You can view the full virtual event live stream recording at the link below. Continue reading to learn our 3 secrets to successful virtual event video production and how we incorporated these techniques in the Scottsdale Charros Virtual Event.

Scottsdale Charros 2021 Education Awards

Every event is different. When it comes to virtual events especially, a little extra planning and production can transform your ordinary virtual meeting into a unique online event experience! The production quality of your virtual event will reflect the professionalism of your business and importance of your event. Poor audio/visual components can negatively impact the energy of your event. Successful event planners hire professional videographers to handle their virtual event video production to ensure a seamless production process and a polished presentation for the final event. Here are three ways professionals utilize video production to enhance virtual events…

Virtual Event Video Production: Secret to Success #1 – Get Creative With Pre-Recorded Video!

Exciting content and inspiring speakers are key to a successful virtual event. Pre-recorded video production provides endless creativity when it comes to content and delivery. Utilizing pre-recorded video offers flexibility in scheduling multiple speakers to participate in your virtual event, either remotely or in-person. It also gives you the ability to record high-quality video of your speakers in multiple locations, which provides even more exciting visual content to keep your audience engaged!

Combining exciting locations and inspiring guest speakers such as community leaders or local athletes is guaranteed to keep your audience engaged. For The Scottsdale Charros Virtual Event, we pre-recorded several speaker segments in various locations that reflected the theme of the event. We filmed at three relevant locations including Scottsdale’s Museum of the West, Grand Canyon University, and Gateway Trailhead at McDowell Sonoran Preserve in North Scottsdale. A few of the guest speakers we pre-recorded include:

Virtual Event Video Production

Secret to Success #2 – Choose the Right Platform to Engage Your Audience!

Virtual events are a great way to deliver your message to a much larger audience and offer global networking opportunities in real time. To ensure a successful virtual event, rely on professional video producers to use the right hosting platform and streaming software to broadcast your live virtual event while keeping your audience engaged. 

Features of virtual event platforms that enhance audience engagement include Live Polls, Q&A Discussions, Chat Boxes, and more! Enabling the live audience chat feature during The Scottsdale Charros virtual event allowed viewers from all over the country to tune in and communicate with other event participants.

Secret to Success #3 – Promote Your Event With Professional Video Production!

The success of any event is directly related to the amount of marketing you put into promoting your event. Professional video production is a great tool to market and advertise your events! An effective way to promote your events through video is utilizing clips from pre-recorded video production to share on your website and social media to make your audience aware and excited about your event.

Social media integration is also a fantastic way to promote networking and grow your following during and after your event. With the right virtual event platform, we can stream your events to multiple channels including Vimeo, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more!

Another awesome promotional feature is live graphics which we can incorporate in pre-production or add in real time during your live stream. During the Scottsdale Charros Virtual Event, we incorporated graphics and branding throughout to keep their audience entertained and promote the different event elements.

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Congratulations to all of the Scottsdale Charros’ 2021 Outstanding Students and Educators, SUSD School Nurses and High School Athletes of the Year! View the virtual event video at and support the Scottsdale Charros Education Initiatives by making a donation at

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