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Experiential Event Photography & Videography

Experiential Event Photography & Videography

What are Experiential Events & How do they Promote Your Brand?

A business doesn’t want people to just know their brand, they want people to experience their brand. Companies began to search for a more engaging and tangible way to promote their brand to an audience beyond that of traditional events. Just as all ideas and concepts have the ability to change and grow, events and the manner in which they are executed have also evolved. Thus, the creation of experiential events. An experiential event is a multifaceted affair that completely immerses attendees with the hopes of leaving them with positive brand image and lasting memories for years to come.

 This past Summer, our Haute Media Team had the amazing opportunity to photograph a special screening party of the new Elvis movie featuring a surprise appearance by Austin Butler and Baz Luhrmann themselves! As soon as Baz and Austin stepped into the theatre, the crowd went wild and of course, everyone wanted their photo taken with these two! This is a perfect example of an experiential event and the important role of photography and videography in promoting your brand. By capturing photos at this event, not only did it leave a lasting impression on all of the guests but the photos were used as promotional material. When it comes to promoting your brand and your events, visual content such as photos and videos are essential!

Baz Luhrmann & Austin Butler at the Harkins Theaters Hunka Burnin’ Love Premiere Party

Here is another great example of an experiential event that our Haute Media team captured recently – In honor National Iced Tea Day, Raising Cane’s hosted a special event with legendary musician and “Law and Order: SVU” star, Ice-T who interacted with and served their customers as a fun surprise! Not only did Ice-T make and serve fresh Iced Tea, guests were able to watch the Actor in action while filming a commercial for Raising Cane’s, plus he took customer orders and posed for photo ops. These photos highlight a fun and irreproducible moment for guests that they will always remember and correlate with Raising Cane’s. Not only are these moments special for guests, but the photos are extremely valuable to Raising Cane’s as a brand who were able to utilize the images in marketing campaigns and publish on social media.

Ice-T at Raising Cane’s location in Phoenix, Arizona.
Raising Cane’s Campaign: Ice-T Knows Iced Tea

The purpose of an experiential event is to bring a brand to life in the eyes of the target audience. The key being to target a desired audience and then communicate brand values by creating memorable experiences that give and add value to the lives of customers. Instead of a company telling their audience what their brand is about, the audience gets to experience the brand for themselves. By bringing a brand to life and allowing people to engage and interact with the brand for themselves, the audience will hopefully create a positive attachment to the brand as well. Therefore, creating brand awareness and brand loyalty that can then be shared through positive word of mouth and social media.

Another important factor of experiential events is the opportunity for photography and videography. Experiential events are the perfect opportunity to gather publisher-generated and user-generated content that can be utilized across multiple traditional and digital platforms. 

Why is Experiential Event Photography & Videography Important?

It is important to utilize Photography & Videography to enhance any experiential event. Photography and videography gathered during an experiential event is essential to sharing the personality of a brand to the audience outside the scope of the event. Those not in attendance will still be able to connect with the personality and energy of a brand through the lens of photography and videography. High quality photos and videos from a fun, engaging experiential event will generate buzz and get people excited and talking about a brand!

Take a look at this amazing video from the Scottsdale Arts Annual ARTrageous Gala! Doesn’t this video make you want to attend the next ARTrageous event?!

The ARTrageous Gala 2022 at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts

This is why in the age of social media, it is also important to have photo opportunities for guests to have for their own personal use. Having visually engaging images that can be shared online will not only get guests excited and feel personally a part of the event. It will also double serve as an organic marketing effort to promote a positive brand image and extend brand reach to an attendee’s personal followers. 

Experiential events are a unique, immersive way for guests to engage with you brand and create lifelong memories in the process. Experimental events are incredibly rewarding for both the brand and the guests, however, they are also an incredible deal of work. If you are hosting an experiential event, our Haute Media team would love to help and take your brand to the next level by providing you with stunning, high-quality photos and/or videos that can be shared in any format! Ensure that your company is viewed in the most positive of lights and your guests have an abundance of photos and videos to share with their friends and family!

Visit and contact us at Haute Media to capture your next experiential event!

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