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Enhance Your Brand with Photography and Videography

Enhance Your Brand with Photography and Videography

Think about all the content you consume on a daily basis as you scroll through your social media feeds. Photos and videos are at the forefront of every successful social media platform. Photos and videos are essential tools for anyone looking to market themselves or their company. When it comes marketing your business, the content you share can make or break your brand. The key is to enhance your brand with photography and videography. Professional photography and videography is guaranteed to enhance your online presence and attract more followers!

In fact, a study from PR News discovered that high-quality, appealing visual content receives 94% more views than text-only marketing. When used correctly and especially when used together, both photos and videos will capture your audience’s attention and encourage engagement in a way that is beneficially different from traditional print media. The study from PR News underscores the importance of elevating your brand by utilizing both photography and videography in your marketing and advertising campaigns.

At Haute Media, we specialize in both Photography and Videography. Our team of professional photographers and videographers capture both commercial projects and events of all kinds from corporate conferences to community fundraisers. We can’t stress enough how important it is to capture both photography and videography at your events. Considering the amount of time and effort you put into planning your events, it is evident that you want to show off what a successful job you’ve done, and what better way than with stunning professional photos and high-quality videos! Not to mention, capturing photo and video is a great way to document your events and can be helpful for future planning. Plus, the more photos and videos taken, the more content you have to work with! All of the photos and videos collected can be utilized across different platforms and repurposed to fit different mediums. This gives you plenty of brand content to use for years to come!

Western Wealth Capital’s “We’ve Got Your Back” Event 

In July, our Haute Media team captured both photography and videography during the 7th annual Western Wealth Capital (WWC) “We’ve Got Your Back” event held in Phoenix, Arizona. The “We’ve Got Your Back” program was created to help school-aged children living in WWC’s multifamily properties get started off on the right foot. More than 15,000 backpacks have been donated by WWC to help students have a successful school year and make their communities a more positive place. The event took place at Arches Apartment Homes, where our Haute Media photographer and videographer captured all of the excitement including live testimonials and footage of the families enjoying their backpacks, the live DJ, face painter, and even a snow cone truck!

Enhance Your Brand with Event Photography

Event photography is essential to any successful business. Check out these awesome photos our Haute Media photographers captured at the Western Wealth Capital “We’ve Got Your Back” event! The irreplaceable candid shots captured during this community event wonderfully showcases WWC’s brand image and values.

Enhance Your Brand with Event Videography

Videography is a versatile and creative medium that can express your brand personality, as well as your company values. View the video we produced below from all the event footage including live testimonial interviews that our Haute Media videographer captured on site during the Western Wealth Capital “We’ve Got Your Back” event! Specifically, this video highlights the overall event and promotes the company’s mission and community outreach.

By understanding that their event was a perfect opportunity to capture engaging photo and video content, Western Wealth Capital collected important footage that is being utilized in marketing campaigns for print, social, digital, and more! These timeless photos and videos communicate ideas and values of the brand in a unique and positive way that differs from anything that could be conveyed by traditional print media. 

To book photography and videography services for your next event, contact us at and let Haute Media help take your brand to the next level!

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