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Benefits of Virtual Events

Virtual Events

As a business or brand, it is important to know the benefits of virtual events and how they can impact your company. Virtual events are not just a fad of the past few years, but a digital experience that is here to stay! Virtual events, events in which all the elements and attendee participation takes place virtually, are oftentimes more flexible, cost effective, and less-time consuming alternatives to traditional events.

There are many positive factors of virtual events that go on to support the fact that they have not dissipated with the times. In fact, Virtual events have increased in popularity by 35% from 2020. Which makes sense when you consider that during times where meeting in person can become an unattainable or inefficient option, virtual events offer a highly effective way to continue on connecting and sharing ideas with people all around the world. Virtual events not only offer many time and cost-saving advantages to the host, they also provide attendees with a freedom and flexibility not available in traditional, in-person events. Even going as far to break the time, travel, and location constraints that can surround attending an in-person event. A person in Arizona and a person in New York can attend the same event without the cost and hassle of hopping on a plane!

Like traditional, in-person events, virtual events are still an incredible way to generate brand recognition and bring information and awareness to an idea or topic. It is also just as easy, if not easier, to gauge key performance indicators such as event attendance and fundraising efforts, which are both key indicators of a successful event. 

Virtual events are an incredibly valuable alternative to traditional events that can oftentimes be the better choice for a specific business or company. 

What are the Benefits of Virtual Events?

  1. Freedom and flexibility for your participants and attendees
  2. Save money on travel costs for participants and attendees
  3. Reach a wider, global audience
  4. Connect and network with people all over the world, while growing your brand recognition simultaneously
  5. Raise greater funds for your cause by reaching a wider range of people

Feeding Matters Annual Community Virtual Event

Our Haute Media team has partnered with Feeding Matters to produce their annual virtual community fundraising event for the past three years and each year, it gets better and better! Earlier this month, we conducted a live-streamed broadcast of Feeding Matters 2022 Annual Community Event, which was entirely virtual for their online audience. Feeding Matters is a nonprofit that works to improve the system of care for children with Pediatric Feeding Disorder (PFD) through advocacy, education, and research. Their Annual Community Event is held each year to raise awareness and support for PFD, recognize the accomplishments of their PFD families, and share the impact that Feeding Matters is making. The use of a virtual event allowed Feeding Matters to extend their reach and connect with a wider, global audience in order to raise awareness and funds for children who struggle with pediatric feeding disorder. That is one of the greatest benefits of virtual events, to connect and network with a wider range of people who all care about such an important cause.

Hybrid Events 

Another great alternative that works to incorporate the pros of both virtual and in-person events are hybrid events. Hybrid events include elements and attendee participation that take place both in-person at a physical location and online virtually. They work to maintain the memorability and personality of your in-person events, while having the flexibility and accommodations that come with virtual spaces. Attendees, speakers, and sponsors who are not able to attend in-person, can be virtually connected to those at the event in order to assist and contribute to the overall success of an event.

How Haute Media Can Help You!

Haute Media can help your business with any of your Virtual or Hybrid Event needs. From room layout and set design to audio and music to live video streaming and broadcasting; our Haute Media team will guide you through every step of your event production from initial planning and rehearsals to final delivery and production.

To take your next in-person, virtual, or hybrid event to the next level, and to learn more about the benefits of virtual events, visit!

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