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Benefits of Reaching a Virtual Audience

Benefits of Reaching a Virtual Audience 

One of the main benefits of reaching a virtual audience is being able to target multiple markets at any one time. Virtual and hybrid events have incredible potential for growth in audience engagement. Live streamed virtual events can be attended by anyone from any location, allowing you to reach wider demographics and grow your overall customer base.

If you’re planning a live in-person event, incorporating a hybrid platform will allow you to increase your overall reach and gainmore attendees. Hybrid events combine both live and virtual event elements to create a unique and engaging experience while providing greater flexibility for your audience. Hybrid event models also help ensure that no one misses out on your amazing event due to travel or scheduling restrictions.

Broadcasting your live event via a virtual platform opens many doors by giving you the chance to connect with a larger audience than could ever be possible in person. A virtual audience is able to actively participate in your live event from their mobile devices or desktop computer in real time. They can be anywhere in the world and still attend and most importantly engage in your event. Virtual engagement tools you can incorporate in your hybrid events include live polls, Q&A sessions, and real-time audience chat for remote participants.

For event planners, corporate professionals, and business owners, it is important to understand the benefits of reaching a virtual audience and how to utilize virtual event components to enhance your overall attendee experience.

What are the Benefits of Reaching a Virtual Audience?

  • Target multiple markets at any one time
  • Expand reach to a global level 
  • Increase participant engagement with mobile accessible networking features
  • Provide greater flexibility for your attendees

Whether you’re hosting a virtual or hybrid event, there are several benefits of reaching a virtual audience. Successful event planners hire professional videographers to handle their virtual event video production to ensure a seamless production process and a polished presentation for the final event.

You can count on our professional video production team to:

  • Choose the right technology and virtual event platform to support the experience you aim to deliver
  • Handle all aspects of the live and virtual production including on-site audio/video requirements and remote speaker management
  • Deliver broadcast-quality content and provide support for A/V production

Feeding Matters 9th Annual Community Fundraiser Raised Over $200K Virtually!

Feeding Matters hosted their 9th Annual Community Fundraiser event in November and Team Haute was honored to produce their entire virtual event for the second year in a row! Reaching a virtual audience was a major benefit for Feeding Matters. The event reached a worldwide audience and raised over $200K virtually! 

Feeding Matters is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families who care for children with pediatric feeding disorder. Every year, Feeding Matters hosts a community fundraising event to raise awareness and help improve the system of care for pediatric feeding disorder.

Feeding Matters’ Annual Community Event unites families, clinicians, donors, and supporters to celebrate advances in PFD and raise much-needed funds to accelerate identification, ignite research, and promote collaborative care for children with PFD.

Hosting a virtual event allowed Feeding Matters to reach a global audience, some as far as South Africa, Italy, and Brazil! Attendees gathered virtually and were able to participate and communicate in real time via the live audience chat feature, allowing for a strong sense of community.

You can view the entire virtual event online at and to learn more about the work Feeding Matters is doing or to make a donation, please visit

Reaching a virtual audience was a major benefit for Feeding Matters’ Annual Community Event and can make a strong impact on any event if done properly. 

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