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5 Tips For Event Speakers To Captivate An Audience

5 Tips For Event Speakers To Captivate An Audience

Capturing the attention of your audience should be the goal of any event speaker. It can be intimidating to get a live audience to pay attention, especially at a loud event with many distractions and multiple speakers. The goal to differentiate oneself from other speakers and leave a lasting impression can cause immense pressure. A successful speaker has more to contribute than just the context of their words. Factors such as stage presence, personality, and props all play a role in how well an audience remembers your performance. It is important to take a step back to understand all of the elements outside of a speech that contribute to your overall success. Following these 5 tips for event speakers will surely help you captivate your audience and leave them with fond memories of you and your event for years to come!

5 tips for an event speaker
A. Tomica Adams, Board Vice Chair of Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP)

5 Tips For Event Speakers To Captivate An Audience

1. Set The Stage 

Small details such as lighting and sound may seem obvious, but these minute details will contribute to the fluidity of a speech and make you look and sound your best. Make sure to double check preparations before heading onstage. It is also important to fill the background in a visually engaging way. Whether with a nameplate, corporate logo, or banner; include visuals that help the audience know who you are and what your business is. When guests are looking back at photos and/or videos, the company logos or event banners will help them recall details of your speech and event.

Maria Menounos at Pure Barre Annual Conference

2. Use Appealing Visuals/Props

Many people retain more information with the assistance of visuals and props. The use of photos, graphs, statistics or props that correlate with the information verbalized in your speech will enhance the overall experience of your presentation. It’s important to note that visuals such as slides, PowerPoints, or videos should not deliver your speech for you. Instead, they are there to compliment your speech and offer a visual representation of your words.

3. Use Big Movements 

Standing in the same spot and position for the duration of your speech will likely cause you to lose your audience’s attention. As an attendee, it is not easy to give your complete undivided attention during a long motionless and monotonous speech. So it is up to you as the professional speaker to captivate your audience! Fill the stage with your voice and movements. Talk with your hands, raise your arms at key points, and fluctuate your voice to minimize any lulls in your speech. Having movement in your speech provides variation and will help keep your audience’s attention. Grand gestures not only keep your audience entertained, but also make for great candid photos to look back on!

5 tips for an event speaker

4. Understand Your Audience

When preparing for any speech, it is always important to first understand who your audience is. This will equip you with the knowledge of how to best interact with your listeners, what visuals and props you should include, what jokes would resonate best, and what technology to incorporate. Tailoring your performance based on the exact audience creates a more memorable experience!

5.  Interact With Your Audience 

Don’t be afraid to interact with your audience. Ask questions. Make your way into the crowd. Maintain direct eye contact. If they are wearing name tags, use their names when addressing them. These techniques will liven up any crowd and capture their attention. By connecting with your audience, you add more dimension and humanity to your presentation.

Follow these 5 Tips for Event Speakers to Captivate An Audience and ensure that you and your events are timelessly memorable. For more great tips, visit and contact Haute Media to capture your next event!

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