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3 Must-Have Features For Hosting The Ultimate Virtual Event

As the effects of Covid-19 drive businesses and organizations to pivot, and in some cases completely reinvent themselves in order to thrive in our increasingly virtual world, it is important to understand the benefits of hosting virtual meetings, webinars, and events and which features to include for the ultimate online experience!

There are several advantages to hosting a virtual event, as opposed to an in-person event. With the potential to reach a much wider audience, virtual events are an incredibly powerful marketing tool and allow you to boost your brand awareness across multiple mediums. Virtual events can be live-streamed to various platforms and embedded on your website, social media channels, etc. allowing your audience to view from anywhere in the world. Virtual events are mobile friendly, so your viewers can tune in from the comfort of their own homes or they can watch on the go using their smart phone or tablet! 

Virtual event platforms give you the ability to easily measure results and collect data, including attendee info and emails, you can see who is watching, your total number of viewers, where your guests are streaming from, and more. Not to mention the creativity with virtual events is endless! You can create a unique online experience with virtual stages and backgrounds, remote speakers and entertainers, real-time worldwide networking, and more! 

Below are our top 3 must-have features for hosting the ultimate virtual event. These virtual event tips and tools are guaranteed to keep your audience engaged and create a memorable online experience! 

1. INTERACTION – Live Polls and Q&A Sessions

When it comes to events, whether they are in-person or online, one of the most important elements to creating a memorable experience for your guests is to include them! Audience interaction and participation is key and with virtual events, there are several creative ways to keep your viewers included and engaged. Live Polls and Q&A Sessions and two of our favorite features for audience interaction. Polls are a great way to collect data and show your guests what they have in common while Q&A sessions allow your viewers to connect with you directly. 

2. ENTERTAINMENT – Virtual Stages, Remote Speakers, Musicians, Artists, and more!

Sustain your viewers’ attention throughout your virtual program with different virtual stages and backgrounds, unique graphics and branding, remote guest speakers, live singers or musicians, artists, magicians, and more! If you are supporting a certain cause or promoting a particular product or service, include a customer testimonial or a client story to resonate with your audience. Stream a live concert or bring in remote speakers from anywhere in the world to talk directly with your viewers. Whatever your event may be, entertainment is a favorite audience feature!

3. COMMUNICATION – Live Audience Chat and Social Media Integration 

Real-time communication is a top priority when it comes to virtual events. Whether you are streaming a webinar, virtual meeting, or hosting an online conference, it is crucial for your audience to be able to communicate with one another as well as your event hosts and speakers. Utilizing a live audience chat box is a great way to allow your viewers to communicate and interact with each other in real time while your event is happening live. Social media integration is another fantastic way to promote networking and grow your following. With our virtual event platform, we have the ability to stream your events to multiple platforms including Vimeo, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more!

Check out this virtual event video we produced for Feeding Matters Annual Community Fundraiser featuring remote speakers, live polls, and a live audience chat box. Contact us at to learn more about our virtual event production and live streaming services, we would love to work with you!

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